International Leadership Team

In February 2011, a gathering of the international leadership of the ministry was held in Taupo, New Zealand at the Eden Centre. It was one of the most significant weeks in the history of Fatherheart Ministries. We spent the week exploring the way forward for Fatherheart Ministries, hearing together from the Father and catching His heart. There was a deep sense of his presence and unity of heart among all those gathered.

For quite some time Denise and I have been feeling that we were entering a new season in the ministry. We have shared this with our local Taupo team and coming together as we did with the wider international team confirmed what we had been feeling. In this new era we sense that we should be concentrating on four areas.

1. Breaking into new nations and situations with the revelation of our Father.
2. Equipping and releasing leaders who are or will be able to lead A Schools.
3. Writing books and producing video and audio teachings.
4. Bringing fresh teaching and revelation to FHM members.

In order to be free to do this we have appointed Mark Head to be Executive Director of the ministry. Mark and his wife Nikki are New Zealanders and have lived here in Taupo for three years. They have two children, Michael and Catlin. Mark has known us since 1994 and began a deeper involvement with us in 2008 when he moved to Taupo to just be alongside us to learn more of the Father. He is a gifted and anointed man who has an extremely wide experience of the world and life in general having also been in pastoral church ministry for some years and also worked as a project manager over many complicated building sites. Mark loves people and you will find him to be a very easy person to relate to. We have confidence that Mark is the man to stand alongside us and help move the ministry into a greater future than Denise and I could in the way we have been going. He will be the first point of contact for you now in all the practical and ministry oriented needs you have and will oversee the whole ministry. Mark's place alongside us requires that he be available to us more in Taupo, New Zealand although he will be travelling too.

Most of you will be very aware that Trevor and Linda Galpin head up our Fatherheart World ministry and travel extensively each year to keep in touch with many of you. Trevor and Linda will continue in this role, but additionally will very much be the face to face contact for the ministry and will work with Mark Head very closely as we all see the ministry operating and developing internationally.
At the end of the international leaders Summit we also commissioned and laid hands on Mark Head for anointing as the Executive Director of Fatherheart Ministries. After that, we also laid hands on Trevor and Linda confirming their roles as the leaders of Fatherheart World.

James Jordan, 2011
Taupo, New Zealand

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