Trevor & Linda Galpin



February 11th Fatherheart Family Gathering Winchester, UK Godfrey Sumner:
February 19th - 25th A School
(For Deaf Pastors/Leaders)
South Korea Grace:
March 6th - 9th Fatherheart Week Catch The Fire,
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Murray Smith:
March 12th - 18th A School Chesapeake, Virginia,
Deb Houdie:
April 1st - 7th A School Paphos, Cyprus
April 13th - 15th Fatherheart Team Gathering Poland Brian Hayes:
April 16th - 27th B School Mikorzyn, Poland 
April 28th - 29th Going Deeper Graested, Denmark Hans & Bodil:
May 12th - 13th Fatherheart Gathering Landenberg, Pennsylvania, USA Bob & Tam Mulrooney:
May 14th - 20th A School Queensbury,
New York, USA
June 9th - 12th Fatherheart Conference Hanover, Germany Ralk Bandorf: Click here to contact Ralf
June 15th - 18th Fatherheart Conference Ludenscheid, Germany Dirk Luling:
June 23rd - 25th Fatherheart Conference Mayern, Germany Ulla ten Buss:
June 25th - July 1st A School Freiburg, Germany Florian Berndt:
July 9th - 15th B School Vaalbeek, Belgium
July 22nd - 29th YWAM Family Camp Denmark Christel Andreason: 
August 3rd - 5th Fatherheart Conference Liverpool Chinese Church, Liverpool, UK Patrick Tsang:
August 13th - 19th B School Ulvila, Finland Pekka Rimpelainen: 
September 3rd - 9th A School Jackson, Florida, USA Jace Caulder:
September 17th - 23rd A School Landenberg, Pennsylvania, USA Bob Mulrooney: 
October 1st - 7th B School Graested, Denmark Hans Fhaer Larsen: 
October 8th - 14th A School Skien, Norway Margrete Holmeide:


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