“Never tell people what they must do or what they have to become.

Tell them who I am and what I have done!”

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The Journey of Sonship

‘A’ School Testimonies

“What really spoke to me was that the speakers spoke with such vulnerability. You’re comfortable that you haven’t got it all together. That’s made me more comfortable about where I’m at in my own life.”

– Tim, Wellington, New Zealand

‘A’ School Testimonies

“I realised I’d been playing roles and acting all of the time. But I don’t care anymore. I would rather be real. Now I’ve learned I can let down my defences because of his love for me.”

– Maggie, Tasmania, Australia

‘A’ School Testimonies

“Father came to me during the ‘A’ school and asked me, “will you let Me love you?” During that week, as he loved me, I realised I don’t have to be so serious all the time. I can be free!”

– Jessica, Wellington, New Zealand

‘A’ School Testimonies

“During the ‘A’ school the Father kept saying to me, “It’s okay to be you”. I suddenly realised I have done a lot of pleasing to be approved, but now I can start to discover who I really am.”

– Coralie, NSW, Australia

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To see the revelation of the love of the Father go to every stream of Christianity, to every denomination, to every country, every culture and finally face to face with every person.

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Fatherheart Ministries is an international family with members in 60+ countries and in every continent of the world.


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A Hunger for Father’s Love

“During the Fatherheart Ministries ‘A’ School week I had the deepest spiritual experiences of my life.”

– Dan Burns (Australia)

Father's Mission to a Missionary's Heart

“In his gaze of perfect love fear has to go. There and then I had a deep knowing in my heart that the empty places in my heart were receiving His comfort.”

– Sarah Davis (United Kingdom)

Stilled in a Way Like Never Before

“It felt safe, peace filled and consuming. I was stilled in a way I have never felt stilled before and I sensed God saying that I was safe but not trapped in his hands.”

– Ben Harper (United Kingdom)

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