Dear friends,

We invite you to INS | The Journey of Sonship 2018.

The vision the Father gave us for INS was to open an opportunity for each one of you to come and soak in the beautiful environment of New Zealand, to come and dwell in what some have described as a “thin” place between heaven and earth. That you would come and receive what we and others have carried through the many years of testings, trials, failings, triumph and ultimately coming to know how to walk in a deeper relationship with our Father and to rest in His love.

Dass, Rani, their team and the many speakers we have invited carry our heart and vision for the INS and for you. Denise, Mark and I are incredibly blessed by the people that the Father has called to walk with us in this ministry. You will find each teacher and leader down to earth, approachable and authentic.

We know that in INS you will be given the time and the opportunity your heart needs to slow down, to come to rest and to open your heart to the Father, to His creation and find true fellowship with the sons and daughters who will journey with you.

If you long to grow deeper in this revelation of His love and all that means for you…

Then there is such a place prepared for you.

Love from James, Denise and Mark

Visit www.inheritingthenations.com

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