Andy & Gunilla Glover

Sweden / USA

From 1985 to 1998 Andy and Gunilla were part of YWAM in Scotland and traveled extensively in Europe and Africa, speaking and leading teams. In 1998 they moved with their young family to Southern California and started their own ministry Revival to the Nations. They lived and ministered there until 2002, when they moved as missionaries to Ghana.

It was in 2005 Andy and Gunilla started to discover the Love of the Father in a deeper way. They had been living in Ghana for three years and had both come to a place of exhaustion and burn-out. Many relationships were suffering, including their marriage. It was during this season that the revelation of the Father’s Love started to break out in their hearts. In 2006 they moved back to California and since this time they have allowed this revelation to go deeper and bring transformation into their lives and the relationships around them. They’ve continued in full-time ministry, speaking internationally, and in 2012 they moved to Sweden, where Gunilla is from.

The Love of the Father has become the central theme in Andy and Gunilla’s ministry over the last 10 years. They currently live in Malmo, Sweden. They have three grown children, David, Josef and Hanna, all of whom have left home and are working in America and studying in the UK.



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