Daniel (Pekka) Rimpeläinen


The calling that is on Daniel’s life for the revelation of the Father to spread through Finland and beyond has long been recognised within Fatherheart Ministries. Daniel carries a deep understanding of what this revelation of sonship means in his own life. Along with his wife Marjut he has organised many schools and events for Fatherheart Ministries. This was affirmed when Daniel was recently appointed as an A School Leader/ Team Leader.

Daniel and Marjut carry in their hearts a revelation of the restoration of nations, generations and families. They long to see the turning of the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers. As natives of Finland, they appreciate the four seasons of the year and especially Daniel likes cross country skiing in winter time. During summer they love to spend time by the sea with their caravan and they also enjoy city holidays. They like to play badminton together as a family. They cherish time with their daughters and sons-in-law having fun, watching movies and playing board games. Marjut enjoys interior design together with her daughters. One of Daniel’s hobbies is woodwork and he is looking forward to the day when he has his own workshop.

Daniel was in business for 15 years, in marketing and management roles. He has carried a calling for ministry in his heart since his youth and he has been in full time ministry since 1990. He pastored several churches in his native country over 19 years. James Jordan visited Finland several times between 2003 -2006 and it was then that Daniel and Marjut received the revelation of God as their Father and had an experience of being Father´s greatly beloved children. Their ministry changed radically because of this experience. Daniel and Marjut have been leading Fatherheart Finland since 2009.

Nowadays Daniel teaches in Fatherheart Ministries schools and (together with Marjut) ministers the revelation of the love of the Father.



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