Eric & Helena de Kruik


Eric and Helena’s heart’s desire is to share Father’s love, just like Jesus did. Their longing is for each member of the body of Christ to come to a place where they enjoy life in fullness with Father.

In the late 90’s when James and Denise Jordan started ministering internationally they were based in Eric and Helena’s hometown of Montfoort, Netherlands. For many years, Eric was their translator and during this time both he and Helena were heavily impacted by a revelation of the Father’s love. They have been part of Fatherheart Ministries ever since.

For many years they were Pastors in a local church in Montfoort. They now minister internationally, leading and speaking at Fatherheart Ministries’ schools and conferences.

Eric and Helena have three children – two girls and one boy.

Eric also has his own company in the Netherlands that focuses on innovatively helping local governments and universities to solve societal issues.

Busy as their lives seem, they ensure that there is enough time left to enjoy life to the full and have lots of fun. This includes spending lots of time together with family, enjoying their friends, holidays, playing board games, watching movies and enjoying the spontaneous surprises that life has to offer.



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