Gunnar Dehli


Gunnar came to know Jesus during his childhood and in his teenage years experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which then set him ‘on fire’ for God. In his early twenties he had some significant experiences with Father which created within him a trust in God as Father. However, it was not until he came in contact with Fatherheart Ministries in 2011 that he started to enter into an experiential relationship with Father. From this time the whole of the trinity became real to him.

When Gunnar was in his early thirties he received a specific calling from God to bring Father’s love to people who experience deafness. After experiencing Fathers’ love for himself, he received a deeper understanding of how Father wants to reveal his love to those who are deaf. This opened doors for him and his wife, Ingrid, whose second son was born deaf, to minister among people with deafness as well as those with hearing, in different ways.

Gunnar and Ingrid have three sons who are all married and have given them seven grandchildren.



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