Hugo & Inger Van Leemputten


Hugo and Inger are from Belgium. Married since 1982, they have a son, Sam. Their passion is to bring people into the presence of Father and to see them receive healing in spirit, soul and body and become worshippers. They also love sailing, hiking and model railways!

Hugo was dramatically healed in 1988 from terminal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This demonstration of Father’s love brought dramatic change to their lives in terms of how they relate to the Father and also in sensing His healing presence. In 1991, Hugo and Inger were invited to the Catholic University in Leuven to speak to final year medical students on the subject of divine healing. Hugo’s well documented healing puzzled them and continues to puzzle the medical world today. Following this, a doctor invited them to assist him in leading a prayer group at his house. This doctor had met the Father and subsequently decided to pray with interested patients instead of having the usual Tuesday evening consultation. After a few weeks the waiting room was crowded. People accepted Jesus and were prayed for, for healing of soul and body and other problems in their lives. The testimonies flew in, and the group soon outgrew the doctor’s premises so they moved to a small hall nearby. After years of praying for a revival, now they were in the midst of one. Hugo took a career break to meet the growing demands of this and subsequently (in 1994) God’s Ambassade (God’s Embassy) church was launched.

In the late nineties they met James when he started to bring Father’s healing love to the Netherlands. Since then a real and enjoyable friendship has developed. In 2004 they attended the first A School to be held in the Netherlands. James’ frequent visits to their church together with the many A Schools they have organized in Belgium have significantly changed their lives and the lives of many others. Hugo says, “Spending a whole week drinking good teachings and learning to receive Fathers unconditional love helped us and many others to walk more than ever before as sons and daughters who live in His freedom, released from the wounds of the past…The A School truly stays an amazing experience, over and over again!”

Since 2004, Hugo and Inger teach and minister on the subject of healing for spirit, soul and body. This started as a small project in Belgium, but today they bring this message everywhere that Father sends them. They testify that nothing heals more than the love of the Father. Says Hugo, “We definitely want to continue to bring His healing love to the nations through Fatherheart School, the healing school, a conference or just a conversation in the supermarket!”



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