Ingrid Wilts

Netherlands / Uganda

Ingrid’s dream is to see the hearts of each person transformed from being spiritual orphans, fighting for survival, to the realisation of their true identity and authority as beloved sons and daughters of God. Indeed the whole of creation is waiting and groaning for that to happen!

Ingrid was born in the Netherlands and has lived and ministered in Uganda since 1989. She has experienced and deeply identified with the suffering of the people of this nation. Ingrid founded two organisations helping vulnerable children and gave everything she had to bring hope to the lives of orphans. Her passion was to make a difference in this deeply wounded country. But her own heart became hardened through the many traumas, disappointments and hurts she experienced.

She became a lonely struggling missionary devoid of love in her heart. In her frustration she took her Bible and said to God: “I have done everything your word tells me to do but I do not have what your word promises me: A life in abundance!”

As she finally gave up living in her own strength, Ingrid was able to receive Father’s love and He reconnected her life to His heart. He assured her that His love is stronger than any evil. The abundance that had eluded her for so long was found in the revelation of God as her Father. And that she is invited to live in the centre of the trinity as a beloved daughter.

Ingrid is now running the Mto Moyoni retreat centre on the banks of the River Nile. An oasis where sons and daughters are being filled and transformed by the love of Father God.



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