John MacDonald

Scotland, UK

John has been a believer since 1985 when he was converted out of a life of hedonism and self-pleasing. He met his wife, Fiona shortly before his conversion and they have recently celebrated their Silver Wedding anniversary. Fiona recently moved from a successful period as a Head Teacher (Principal) in a Glasgow Primary school to a managerial post in the Education Department in Stirling. John has worked in many different jobs including offices, factories and warehouses, bars, restaurants and hotel kitchens, second-hand clothes dealing, nightclub promotion and management – even a stint in the circus and a funeral wholesale suppliers!

In his spare time he loves reading (crime novels and thrillers as well as Christian books), music and movies as well as sport and keeping fit. John has recently discovered that he enjoys scuba-diving, and hopes to try his hand at horse riding in the not too distant future. John and Fiona also enjoy fine dining with friends from time to time.

John and Fiona are passionate about raising up and releasing leaders. John has been involved in Christian leadership for more than twenty years, having pastored two churches as well as leading in other ministries; but it was only in 2005 that his heart found its true home in the love of the Father.

God had been speaking to John for over ten years about being a Father to him but it wasn’t until he heard James Jordan speak about this in Toronto that he actually opened his heart as a son.

He says, “Since we met James and Denise, our hearts have connected with this ministry and the people have become our family. I feel so privileged to be sharing this revelation wherever Father has led me.”

The first A School in Scotland was held in April 2011 and since then there have been regular monthly gatherings of between 20 & 30 people on the first Sunday evening of each month. The idea of these gatherings is to create a space where people can come and drink of the revelation and connect with Father in a relaxed family get together and not a ‘meeting’ as such. John has been involved in A Schools in various settings (Poland, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Holland, Finland, England & Scotland).

There is now a small core of people forming who are excited about the prospect of a team developing in the future who can staff schools and lead conferences. Fatherheart Scotland’s vision is like that of Fatherheart Ministries, “…to see this revelation go to every stream of Christianity in Scotland first and foremost but also to every nation and every people group.”