Leonard & Lesley Hays

United States

Leonard & Lesley are passionate to see the sons and daughters of God walk in the fullness of freedom. To see the Love of Father transform individuals, families, churches, businesses, cities, regions and nations.

Lesley: “As a small child I remember sitting in our church every week praying through the Stations of the Cross. My heart’s desire was to experience everything that Jesus accomplished by becoming a man and dying for me. I felt the suffering, saw the cost and I didn’t want one ounce of His pain or blood to be wasted. I wanted everything He died to give me. Recently I began to experience the fullness of the gospel. As I began to realize the continuous love of the Father I knew this was exactly why Jesus’ lived on earth and died. This was always the desire of the Trinity. For the first time I knew what it was to be comforted and to belong. This process of living loved has changed everything. As His love flows, I am becoming more whole, more the real Lesley. I wake each day breathing in love. My heart’s desire is to now see the Church come into the fullness of the realization, that being in Jesus is being in the Father’s heart. To become sons and daughters appropriate to He is. And as we live with the substance of His love flowing through us, He will be fully expressed and all will see Him and finally come home.”

After completing a MA in Clinical Psychology at Wheaton College, Leonard and Lesley headed for the mission field where they spent 12 years church planting, raising up national leadership and ultimately planting a house of prayer in Latin America. Their ministry allowed them to see firsthand the amazing, saving grace of Jesus and the power of God manifested in the Holy Spirit. They raised their 3 children on the mission field, where, as a family, they lived out an incarnational Gospel.

For 4 years they were on staff at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, involved in pioneering several departments. They traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and many nations, ministering particularly in the areas of Prayer & Worship. This convergence of mission and prayer coupled with a real desire to see all of God’s creation set free have marked both Leonard and Lesley for years. What caught them by surprise, however, was the simplicity of the Love of the Father to revolutionize the entire way they do everything.

Leonard and Lesley are currently full-time with Fatherheart Ministries where they travel and speak as itinerant ministers and A School leaders, sharing the Love of the Father wherever He may take them. They are learning to live each day from their heart and to live loved!

Leonard and Lesley’s lives have been blessed with 3 amazing children, 1 daughter-in-law, 1 grandson and Hunter, their Labrador.



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