Mark Head

New Zealand

“The next step in understanding how our hearts are transformed by His love”

Mark was radically saved from the surfing/drug culture. One night at a party in 1981 he encountered the reality of the resurrected Jesus Christ. Over the course of the evening the Holy Spirit moved in his heart and he confessed his belief in Christ to all present, none of whom were believers. In the time that followed, Mark saw his whole family and several of his friends come to Christ.

For many years he was active in the church in evangelism and worship, and, for a season, church planting in the UK.
In 1992 the course of his life changed forever. While at work one day his behaviour caused him to take a good long look at his life and he didn’t like what he saw. He realized that in his faith, like the Christians in the book of Galatians, he had begun with the Spirit but he was now trying to attain his goal by human effort. And it wasn’t working!

With the help of a good friend and the loving support of his wife Nikki, Mark started to face the issues of his past that were defining his present. He made a decision during that time that has marked his life since. ”I decided to be open, honest and real from then on, even if the real was really ugly. Honest to myself, honest to God and honest with others.” This process continues today.

In 1994, he came into a revelation of the Love of the Father. Earlier that year, during a Bible College lecture by James Jordan, Mark had realised he didn’t know God a as a Father, even though he had been a Christian for 13 years. He could see he knew about the Father but had no heart connection with Him. This realisation evoked a cry in his heart to really know Father intimately as ‘Abba’. Travelling to Toronto later that year he met the Father for first time and experienced for the first of many times the specific love that the Father has for his each of his children.

This life changing experience defined the direction of his life and he began ministering from this revelation soon after, both in New Zealand and internationally. Mark was a Pastor in a multicultural Church in Auckland, NZ for several years, and has also served in the Living Waters programme, which ministers in the area of sexual and relational wholeness.

In 2007, while in Hong Kong, he reconnected with James and Denise Jordan. Hearing James again after so many years really bowled him over. He writes “I remember the first time I saw the first ever Star Wars movie. The scene that really stood out was when Luke Skywalker and Obiwan Kenobe boarded Han Solo’s ship, the Millennium Falcon. I wasn’t expecting what happened next and what did happen blew my mind. The stars blurred into a sheet of white as they made the jump to hyperspace. Off they travelled at the speed of light. Wow!

Hearing James Jordan speak can have that effect on you. It can be unexpected, mind blowing and you can end up in a place far, far away from where you were when he started talking. Revelation and anointing does that. Mark realised he had been ministering out of old revelation. At that time he also came into a deep encounter with the mother heart of Father God for him.

In 2008, he felt led to join James and Denise Jordan and the Fatherheart Ministries team in Taupo, NZ. Together with his family he took the faith step to sell up and move there in 2009 to focus on what he sees as his life calling. In 2010, FHM went through a time of transition. James and Denise sensed they were being called to a new season. This was confirmed throughout the Fatherheart community. To allow this to happen the practicalities of running the ministry internationally needed to be lifted off them. To that end they asked Mark to become the Executive Director. Mark accepted, after seeing in a vision that he needed to serve in this role in a childlike faith.

Over the years Mark sees the main impact of walking with the Father in love, has been on his identity. “I can now say I am mostly at peace with myself. Certainly more than I have ever been. I now know increasingly who I am. I now feel free to be who I really am. I am finally coming to a place of rest, I never really believed this was possible”.

Mark has been married to Nikki for more than 30 years. She is the love of his life. Together they have 2 wonderful children Michael and Caitlin, whom he loves to play with. He still loves to surf… but in the last few years he has discovered mountain biking, stand-up paddle boarding and also snow skiing!!


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