Richard & Nia Jones

England, UK / Malaysia

Richard and Nia delight to see the love of the Father being unveiled across the nations. His love opens up whole new dimensions of reality and relationship as we discover the adventure of walking with him as His sons and daughters. His love is real, transforming Richard and Nia personally; their marriage and their relationships with their two daughters. They have recently transitioned from living fourteen years in Malaysia to the outskirts of London in the UK, but continue to spend the majority of each year roaming the nations as a part of the Fatherheart Ministries family.

Prior to joining Fatherheart Ministries, Richard and Nia ministered in a missions organisation for 20 and 25 years respectively. They spent the first 10 years of their married life focused on a large unreached people group on one of Indonesia’s 1000’s of islands. In 1999, they relocated for Richard to undertake further theological studies and to serve in various churches in the UK. During this season, whilst attending a prayer meeting, Richard was deeply convicted of his own inability to receive and experience God as his personal Father. This milestone event ignited Richard and Nia’s pursuit of His Fathering reality, only to discover that He’d always been drawing them with His cords of love.

Realising that many others in the body of Christ around the world were either oblivious to God as a Father to them, or hungry for more reality and substance in their relationship with God, Richard and Nia’s personal journey has evolved into leading others home to the one who is the source of all true fathering. Knowing God as Father is our essential destiny, and Richard and Nia delight to share Him with both the body of Christ and the lost around the world.



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