Acacia Heights Drive

A New Home for Fatherheart Ministries

A New Home for Fatherheart Ministries

Heart and Vision

On December 1st we took possession of our new New Zealand home at 93 Acacia Heights Drive Acacia Bay. Just 10 minutes from the Taupo township.

It is peaceful, beautiful and it has a sense of Home that provides a key ingredient to allow each heart to enter into an environment of the love of the Father.

The land is just over an acre and consists of a 4 bedroom home, a beautiful garden enclosed in a Leyland Cypress hedge and a huge garage that will be converted into an auditorium and broadcast studio over the next year as funds become available.

It is our place and your place.

This property provides a dedicated space to undergird and serve the heart, the mandate and the purposes of Fatherheart Ministries that the Father has ‘given us from heaven’. It will be a wonderful venue for our events and will also house our offices.

We will be able to hold our Becoming a People Gathering and Preaching School there and all our online zoom broadcasts. In the future it will be the venue for all our A,B,H schools.

A portion of the house will become the home of our caretakers who are moving here from Hawkes Bay.

James and Denise will continue to live in their own home which is a short walk across the road and down the hill.

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