To all the Fatherheart family around the world

I wanted to include you all in some important developments for Fatherheart Ministries.

A Third School – The ‘H’ school

I have met many people throughout the years who struggle to get in touch with what’s going on in their own heart. Consequently they are unable to flow and align with the revelation and the life the Father is bringing to them.

Since early last year I have been talking with James and Denise about the need for a third school that helps people connect more readily in their hearts with this revelation. I had initially thought to develop this school during 2020, but James encouraged me to bring this forward to this year as he can see that many are ready now for a school such as this.

We are now developing a 3rd school that will facilitate the revelation we receive in the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Schools to a deeper and more personal level.

It will complement the content of the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Schools by giving more width of understanding, specifically within our own hearts and lives.

As the focus of the school with be on our own hearts journey, we are calling it the ‘H’ school.

Focus of the ‘H’ school
If there is one single focus of the school it would be to assist the process of integrating His love deeper into our hearts and in our daily lives.

There are several aspects that we will be exploring during the school, these are:

  • The process of integrating His love deeper into our hearts in our daily lives.
  • Healing the heart and processing pain. When love pours into our hearts, pain, anger, sadness, etc. can begin to pour out. How can we stay present and be healed in this process or disengage from what the Father is doing?
  • Communing with Father. We will take time to find and explore ways how we can uniquely and meaningfully engage with the Father day to day.
  • Practically speaking, how are our hearts changed by love in this new revelation?
  • The purposes of God. How can we grow in love through failure, relational breakdown, and disappointment?
  • The practical application of heart forgiveness in our daily lives.
  • Our ongoing need for comfort.
  • And more…

We will be holding the content and topics of the school before the Father throughout the year, as we wait to see what else He reveals to us.

In March this year we held ‘Being Loved’ conferences in Denmark, Norway and New Zealand, as we build towards holding a full week ‘H’ school.

We are planning ‘H’ schools for 2020. Check for updates in upcoming months on www.fatherheart.net/h-schools

Taupo Fatherheart Ministries Venue

We have been looking into the possibility of building a 100 seat venue for our schools and conferences here in Taupo.

This will be a home for Fatherheart Ministries with an auditorium, kitchen and dining room and our office space. Here we we will be able to host ‘A’ Schools, ‘B’ Schools, ‘H’ Schools, The Becoming A People (BAP) Gathering, The School of Prophetic Preaching (SOPP) and conferences.

‘The Ruapehu Centre’

Denise named it ‘The Ruapehu Centre’ (This is a working title).

It will be beautiful, peaceful and have a sense of home.

Ruapehu is a significant mountain in our region that many of you would have seen when you visited Taupo.

Last year we commissioned a company to test the viability of building such a venue, as we plan to hire it out when not in use for FHM events. The news that came back is that Taupo is in need of a venue of exactly this size and type. The local council is very supportive – which is a delightful and unexpected surprise.

The local iwi (Maori tribe) is also very supportive and we have been talking with them about the possibility of the use of some prime land within a few minutes of Taupo township.

There seems to be a real flow of life to this. We are continuing to hold this before the Lord till more becomes clearer.

FHM, James and Denise, The Wilderness and The Promised Land

Les Hokyo has been a tremendous friend and advisor to Fatherheart Ministries over the years. Les brought a significant contribution of wisdom and insight during our transition of leadership at the Gathering of the Eagles (GOTE) in Cyprus in 2016.

Late last year he joined us again here in Taupo for two weeks and we talked through many things together including the 3rd school, a new venue, trust board matters and the future.

This was an amazing time that brought a new level of clarity for us that gave not only understanding but also a language to help communicate it all.

One of the most helpful things we came to understand about where Fatherheart Ministries is at right now draws from the parallel journey of the children of Israel through the wilderness and their entry into the promised land.

Fatherheart Ministries was essentially birthed in the wilderness and in the Spirit. Our formative, pioneering and trail blazing years were typified by faith and the miraculous. Being led by the Spirit just like the children of Israel were led by fire and by cloud.

As we look back over the last few years we have noticed there has been a shift in the life and dynamic of the ministry that indicates a season of ‘crossing over’ into the promised land.

This season of entering the land has been typified by understanding more clearly ‘What has already been given to us’. – John 3:27

Examples of this are:

  • Clearer definition of the heart, values and ethos of FHM
  • Clarifying the school core topics
  • The emergence of the ‘H’ School

It is important for us to understand that in the promised land Joshua continued to walk in the ways of Moses. These ways he walked in he had actually learned in the time of pioneering and trailblazing in the wilderness alongside Moses.

Just like Joshua, it is important for the life flow of Fatherheart Ministries family that we continue to walk as sons in what we have been uniquely given by the Lord, formed during our wilderness experiences. By walking as sons, with the same heart and ethos, we can flow, live and grow in the same degree of life and revelation.

Somewhere in all of our discussions there was a realisation that while James and Denise enjoy living in this season of entering the promised land, they also have a longing again for pioneering, trail blazing and the adventure of the wilderness.

So what does all that mean?

James and Denise will remain very much a part of who we are, but we also want to release them to pursue the desire of their hearts. To once again pioneer and trail-blaze in uncharted territories together.

To facilitate this we need to release them to opportunities to minister on a personal level to the broader body of Christ.

What will be different?

One of the things it means is that James and Denise will be travelling again – though not anything like the extent and pace that they have travelled in the past.
Amongst other things they will focus on opening up new areas, waving the flag for FHM and promoting our various schools.

At other times this will mean they will also be working with different ministries that are not necessarily FHM. For example with our good friends Peter Jackson and Eddie Piorek.

These types of events will now go under the banner of ‘Jordan International’. It is clear to me that there is new revelation and increased anointing and authority for them for this season and I bless them in it!!

Trevor & Linda Galpin, Ray Risbridger, Denise & James Jordan, Mark & Nikki Head
– Christmas 2018, Taupo, New Zealand.

What will remain the same?

  • James and Denise will of course remain an integral part of Fatherheart Ministries. They will continue with their involvement in the BAP Gathering, INS – The Journey of Sonship and especially the preaching school – SOPP
  • They have a strong desire to continue to support and advise me personally and the rest of the leadership team of Fatherheart Ministries which includes Ray Risbridger and Trevor and Linda Galpin.
  • They will continue to fulfil their roles as board members of Fatherheart Ministries Trust in New Zealand, along with Ray Risbridger, Matt Jordan and myself.

Over the last years, James and I have particularly enjoyed growing in working with each other, firstly with bringing clarity to the core topics of the ‘B’ School and now especially in the SOPP and BAP. Here I find myself able to facilitate and really draw out more of what is deep within James and Denise.

This allows us to connect more in our own lives with ‘What has been given to us’ as a people and a ministry as more of the ‘pennies drop’ and the ‘dots are joined’. Together we are looking forward to this area of ministry growing and expanding.

Together we encourage you all to continue to open your hearts to all the love the Father has for you.

Love and blessings to you all,

Watch the video below of the last session of the ‘Being Loved’ Conference which was held in Taupo earlier this year.

James, Denise
& Mark together…

@The ‘Being Loved’ conference
Taupo, March 2019

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