The very first ‘A’ School we conducted in West Africa was in Ghana in 2015. Before this school we had been on the ground in Africa for over two decades ministering and equipping indigenous Christian leaders. We have seen many people go through the ‘A’ School in this region with tremendous impacts and awesome testimonies of hearts changed and entire families impacted.

Those who have participated in the schools in Ghana and Liberia have been nationals of Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Liberia. We rely on long-standing relationships with local churches within the region to have people participate in the school and normally have to rent accommodation for participants who sometimes have to travel on very rough roads to get to the school. The school is sometimes run with no electricity and in very hot conditions but through it all the various testimonies at the end proves the sacrifice and investments are worthwhile.

The schools have been funded through the ministry supporting Andy and Gunilla Glover (www.rttn.org). Newsletters and testimonies are shared with a network of believers and offerings are taken at ‘A’ Schools that Andy and Gunilla run in western nations. To give please go to www.rttn.org/give

I participated in an ‘A’ School which was organized in Ghana in 2018.  Before I attended the school, I had struggled immensely with sleep which had implications for my health and general well-being.  After just the first day of the school I was able to sleep soundly.  On the last day of the school I found myself lost in the Father’s embrace in a beautiful garden.  In a brief vision I encountered the love of the Father in a most profound way.  After this experience it was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  I have been having a good sleep ever since and going deeper in my walk with Father.  He is truly an amazing Father!


My father abandoned me when I was a baby and I grew up not knowing what if feels like to be loved by a father because I had always lived without one. The masculine love deficit in my life over time became a breeding grounding for bitterness and resentment in my life. Whenever the word ‘father’ was mentioned a feeling of anger would suddenly rise in my heart. As I shared my testimony at the school Father broke through my defenses and went deep into my heart. It was as though a spiritual catharsis was taking place. At that very moment I sensed my heart of sonship toward my father was being restored. I am now reconciled to my earthly father. Thank you Father!!


The ‘A’ School has impacted my life greatly. This school has transformed my life and my relationship with my family. Before I attended the school, I harboured so much hatred for my father. Because I had always maintained that he did not love me, I also did not have any love for him either. Worse still, I extended that same feeling of hatred toward our adopted daughter – I was always hard on her and a little mistake on her part would often result in a punishment rather than discipline.

When I attended the ‘A’ School I received revelation about the love of my Heavenly Father and this began to change my heart and perception of God. As I share this, not only do I love my wife and little girl but I love them deeply…..thanks to being able to attend the ‘A’ School.

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