Trevor & Linda Galpin



October 20th - 29th Meetings Toulouse Region, France Frederic
November 3rd - 5th Fatherheart Conference Harinxveld, Netherlands Winette Hubregste:
November 10th - 12th Fatherheart Meetings Christchurch, New Zealand Jonny Taylor:
November 12th - 18th Inheriting the Nations School Great Barrier Island,
New Zealand
November 24th - 25th Fatherheart Conference Brisbane, Australia Nathan Window:
December 1st - 2nd Fatherheart Conference Canberra, Australia Eric van Ierschot:


January 18th - 20th Conference Whittlesea, Victoria, Australia Marg Auty:
January 21st - 27th A School Canberra, Australia Eric van Ierschot:
February 9th - 15th A School Pretoria, South Africa
March 9th - 11th Fatherheart Conference Waynesville,
North Carolina, USA
Mary Hess:
March 12th - 15th Catch the Fire School of Revival Raleigh/Durham,
North Carolina, USA
March 18th - 23rd A School Port au Prince, Haiti Shannon Smith:
May 10th - 12th Fatherheart Conference Norfolk, Virginia. USA Deb Houdie:
May 13th - 19th A School Catch the Fire, Raleigh,
North Carolina. USA
Deb Houdie
June 1st - 3rd Fatherheart Conference Eindhoven,
The Netherlands
Jan Tissink:
July 15th - 21st A School Clovely Hall, Shropshire, UK Mark Gyde:
July 22nd - 28th A School
(translated into Mandarin and Cantonese)
Liverpool, UK Eric Chan:


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