Coming Home Series MP3 Bundle

$25.88 NZD

The Coming Home series MP3 bundle includes:

  • Coming Home
  • Father’s Approval
  • The Two Houses
  • Identity, Love & Performance

Deep down in our hearts we are all longing to come home. How we get there is not always easy. Mark Head has a unique perspective on our in this Revelation of the Father’s Love. We have bundled 4 foundational teachings about ‘Coming Home’ by Mark Head.

By Mark Head

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Coming Home

Many are familiar with the promise of Jesus in John 14, that declares, ”I go to prepare a place for you.” Yet most have not experienced that place this side of heaven. Could it possibly be that this promise was better than we dared imagine? Join Mark and his son in their story and find that a seemingly simple revelation one night in Taiwan, opened the door to “Coming Home”.

Father’s Approval

Many have struggled under the need in our hearts for approval. When we finally experience this hard-to-find state, it is usually fleeting and mostly conditional on performance. As we follow Mark’s journey, we find that this cry in our hearts is not only a legitimate one, but there is an enduring answer available for each one of us that we can experience and return to again and again.

The Two Houses

We all are affected by our past. Most of the way we do life is defined by where we come from; our house of origin. But is our earthly origin really meant to define who we are? Is there a deeper house of origin at the root of our existence? How do we get free of our earthly shackles and start living in the freedom of the Father’s house? In this powerful two-part teaching, Mark Head takes us in depth into the origins of our lives, exposing the lies we have believed for so long. This revelatory insight will help you enter into new freedom and enable you to receive the Father’s love on a more personal level.

Identity, Love & Performance

What is the true source of our identity? Why do our hearts so easily believe that we must perform – working with our own strength and efforts, to meet the requirements of both God and man. Deep within in our hearts is a genuine cry that is longing to be answered. Join Mark in this teaching as he explores the surprising answers that lead us to a place of peace and rest.

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