The Ancient Road Rediscovered

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The ‘Ancient Road Rediscovered’ is a re-seeing of what a walk with God was always to be. It is the Road the Christians of old knew but has been lost along with all revelation of the true nature of God our Father. Love! In times when militancy against the lost, internal resentments in the Body of Christ, restless activism and burnout are rampant amongst Christians we have to ask, “Is there something askew?”

By James Jordan

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James Jordan’s latest book, The Ancient Road Rediscovered, is an incisive look at what has gone wrong in our Christian experience. Why are so many leaving Christian ministry and losing faith due to burnout? Is there something amiss with the gospel that has been preached to us? The word ‘gospel’ means good news. Much of what has been presented as the Gospel has turned out to be the opposite of good news for many Christians. Many have walked away from faith and many are exhausted and collapsing from burnout.

This book presents the Gospel as truly good news. It is a prophetic call to the Body of Christ that a new day is dawning. As the substance of the Father’s love sweeps through the Church it brings a radically different perspective which challenges the accepted norms of what we know Christianity to be, but it brings the tremendous liberty of the Gospel that was first preached by the apostles and the early Church.

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