The Summit 2019

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By James & Denise Jordan, Mark Head and Sharon Curtis Gerlach


There were some significant moments at The Summit 2019 that we believe are especially important to with you:

From Jacob to Israel – Mark Head
This story of the transformation and redemption is shared with fresh eyes. Within this teaching I believe you will be able to see the hope of how the Father meets us in the depths of our own humanity; that as we meet Him there, He is able to make the change so many of us long for and desire.

Death and Resurrection – Denise Jordan
“We all want resurrection life but we hate dying”. Many have expressed the irony that Denise’s insight and understanding into death and the resurrection life that follows, is filled with hope.

Where Love is Leading Us – James Jordan
In the inspiring last session of the Summit, James prophetically speaks to the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven on earth, the final outworking of the Father loving us.

Prayer, Intercession and Sonship – Ralph and Sharon Curtis Gerlach
During the Summit we started to rediscover this important aspect of Fatherheart Ministries. I can see we need to understand more about this and so, during the summit, I invited Sharon Curtis Gerlach from The Divine Exchange to share with us what Jack had passed onto her and Dennis Wiedrick in the area of prayer and intercession in the love of the Father.