‘B’ School

Growing in Sonship

We are finding that the reality of Father loving us is the catalyst that is releasing our true identity and authority as His beloved sons and daughters | As the eyes of our hearts are opened we are seeing increasing levels of life, love and freedom for us to experience | Our true self emerges as His love throws off the shackles of performance and obligation.

The ‘B’ School builds on the foundation already laid in our hearts during the ’A’ School | Experiencing Father’s Love. In the ‘B’ School there is a focus on revealing the remarkable impact that walking in this revelation of His love has on each one of us.
During your ‘B’ School we will cover the following 4 topics and much, much more!

The Eyes of the Heart

We will discover the powerful significance of ‘opening of the eyes of the heart’ and how the life of God that is in Christ Jesus flows to us and through us.


We will explore the life giving relationship between Christian maturity, our sonship and the person of Christ.

The Father’s Embrace

You will be taught to minister the ‘Father’s embrace’ that was passed on to us all from Jack Winter. It was Jack who taught us that “the Father’s Love can be imparted”.


You will be shown the ongoing place of comfort for each believer and will be given opportunity to enter into the comfort that is already available to you.

These are the specific goals of each Fatherheart School:

To give you an opportunity to have a major personal experience of the love that God the Father has for you.

To give the strongest Biblical understanding possible of the place of the Father in the Christian life and walk.

Walking in sonship

You will go even deeper in your true identity as a son or daughter. There are even deeper levels of freedom yet to experience. When we genuinely experience God as Father, it creates in us the true heart of a son. This reality is the catalyst that releases us from the shackles of performance and obligation.


Now we have a place prepared for us, a place of rest. Now we belong. Seeing that Father loves us, even though we aren’t perfect, allows us to become comfortable with our own weaknesses and rely on His strength. (John 5:19,20 & John 14:10)


 ‘B’ Schools have an even deeper sense of family togetherness, right from the outset. As we come to know Him more deeply as our Father, we no longer need to compete with others and we can enjoy our journey together as brothers and sisters.

To join a Fatherheart Ministries ‘B’ School, you will need to first attend an ‘A’ School.

Every participant of a ‘B’ School will receive a complementary copy of the book The Ancient Road Rediscovered by James Jordan.

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