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Fatherheart Ministries hosts 3 main schools that you can sign up for. There are many more schools, events and conferences hosted by churches and other ministries we partner with. Please refer to our itinerary page to find an event near you.


'A' school -
Experiencing the Father's Love

  A place to come home | A place to find that you belong, that you are accepted | A place to find that His strength is perfected in your weakness | A place of rest

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'B' school -
Growing in Sonship

  We are finding that the reality of Father loving us is the catalyst that is releasing our true identity and authority as His beloved sons and daughters | As the eyes of our hearts are opened we are seeing increasing levels of life, love and freedom for us to experience | Our true self emerges as His love throws off the shackles of religious performance and obligation.

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Inheriting the Nations School -
The Journey of Sonship

  The Inheriting the Nations School (INS) is a 3 month environment of soaking in the revelation of the Father's love. Joined by brothers and sisters of many nations from all around the world, you will embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

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