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The 'B' School - Growing in Sonship

  We are finding that the reality of Father loving us is the catalyst that is releasing our true identity and authority as His beloved sons and daughters  |  As the eyes of our hearts are opened we are seeing increasing levels of life, love and freedom for us to experience  |  Our true self emerges as His love throws off the shackles of religious performance and obligation.  

When we genuinely know God as Father it produces the true heart of a son in us.

The 'B' School builds on from the foundation already laid in the ’A’ Schools - Experiencing Father's Love.
Here we focus more fully on what walking with the Father in love produces in our hearts - Sonship.

Christian maturity is being a son like Jesus. Here there is a greater level of freedom for us to know and experience. Here we find an authority that comes from the true identity He gives us as His own children.

We are finding that the reality of Father loving us is the catalyst that releases our true identity as His beloved sons and daughters. We see our true self emerge as His love throws off the shackles of religious performance and obligation.
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Walking in sonship
The focus of the B school has moved away from learning how to minister the Love of the Father to walking in the Love of the Father.
Growing into the message and then to live it in our day to day lives. Walking as a son appropriate to who Father/Jesus is.
We now belong. We now have a place prepared for us and it is a place of rest. To walk with the Father in rest, as we see that Father loves us even when we haven’t got it all together. Comfortable with our own weakness and walking in His strength
Relying on and being dependent on Father, is how Jesus walked on the earth. John 5:19,20 & John 14:10
Each other
B schools often have a real sense of family about them from the outset.
Because He is Father and as we come to know Him as our Father, we no longer need to compete with others. We start to enjoy our journey together as brothers and sisters.


The B School is a one week school and the days follow the same format as an A School. All participants must have attended a Fatherheart Ministries ‘A’ school prior to attending a B School. After attending the ‘A’ school it is recommended to wait a few months before attending the B School. Every participant of a B school will receive a complementary copy of the book The Ancient Road Rediscovered by James Jordan.

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