“…reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from any one of us.” – Acts 17:27

Recent world events with the Covid-19 outbreak are both unexpected and unwelcome for us all. In one way or another each one of us is affected. Within this ministry it has of course led to the postponement or cancellation of several of our schools and conferences.

But no matter what is happening around the world and the disruption it can cause, how we respond to it all comes down to the state of our hearts. For “out of the heart are the issues of life”. We have come to see that in times like this: “When the pressure comes on, what’s in our hearts comes out”.

But what do we do with all this stuff that can come up from within our hearts? What do we do with our emotions, our thoughts and with our behaviours, especially when some of them are so unhelpful!!

We have a dependable, faithful and loving Father, who is here for each one of us in all of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. He even enjoys sharing all of His life with us there. As our heart is our meeting place with Him, let’s take some time to open our hearts and reach around and find Him – “He is not far from each one of us”.

Right now He is with you and He is loving you. He never leaves, He never forgets. He is always present and right now He is present to you – with everything that He is- whatever situation you are in.

‘Father, thank you for loving me right now.’

With warmth and love from Taupo, New Zealand,

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