Dear friends,

During The Summit 2019 at Sandy Cove Maryland USA, over 100 of the Fatherheart Ministries family gathered from 16 nations around the world. Together as a people, as a tribe and as a ministry we explored
‘What has been given to us from heaven’.

The Ethos of Fatherheart Ministries

An integral part of understanding what has been given to us is to increasingly understand who it is we are.

Just as every person has been given a distinct and unique identity, so has each group of people been given a distinct and unique identity. From early in 2018, the Father began to give us specific revelation into our unique identity and ethos as Fatherheart Ministries and what it is we bring to the body of Christ.

Gaining a deep understanding of this insight into our identity has meant spending hours and hours with James and Denise digging below the surface into our origins and into the stories that have shaped who we are as a ministry. As we began to see with more clarity, these pieces came together and formed an overall picture that gives real context and understanding to what we see, and why we do the things the way we do them.

During the Summit James, Denise and myself shared much of this insight and understanding of our ethos, to allow us all to enter more readily into ‘What has been given to us’. There are many pieces to this ethos, much of which will probably be familiar to you. We invite you to read the following document:

Fatherheart Ministries Ethos Document – Click here

Prayer, Intercession and Sonship

Reaching back into our origins we have begun to see that prayer and intercession are major contributing factors in the formation of this ministry.

The ‘Father’s Embrace’, that we have all experienced, has come into being through Jack Winter working side by side with intercessors.

But how do we engage in prayer and intercession from a place of life and from a place of rest?

During the Summit we invited Sharon Curtis Gerlach & Ralph Gerlach from The Divine Exchange to to start answering this key question and to help us rediscover ‘what has been given to us’ in this key area. Much of what they shared was passed on by Jack Winter together with Dennis and Katie Wiedrick.

Jordan International

James and Denise continue to be part of all that we are doing in Fatherheart Ministries, but they are also up for some new adventures! Their new website is now online. Check it out at:


‘H’ Schools 2020
Living the Father’s Love

If the love of God is really pouring into our hearts, then how come our hearts can still get triggered and respond negatively to real life experiences?

Is the Father still loving us amidst our apparent failure?

Can we stay present and engaged with Him during this process?

For those who have received the revelation of the Father’s love, there is even more good news for you! The ‘H’ School is the next step in understanding how our hearts are transformed by His love – from the inside out.

There are three ‘H’ Schools planned for 2020.
Click here to find out more

School of Prophetic Preaching 2019
Taupo, New Zealand

This year’s school was the best SOPP yet. There was a significant and clear revealing of why it is we speak and of what speaking with anointing really is.

There was such a supportive environment amongst the staff and students that allowed the opportunity for a real depth of growth for each one.

A revamped School of Prophetic Preaching is planned for early 2021 in Taupo, New Zealand. More details to come…

INS | The Journey of Sonship 2019

INS came from a vision the Father gave Denise back in 2008. Since then we have had 10 INS schools with over 600 students having a unique experience found nowhere else in the world!

INS 2019 is the closest we have come to the heart of the vision given more than a decade ago – and the fruit was evident!

Applications are already being taken for INS 2020.
Click here to find out more

As Christmas is nearly upon us and as 2020 comes into focus,

May you receive all that is given to you from heaven!!!

With much love from Taupo, New Zealand

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