I felt joy land in my heart

During The Wisdom of Love Conference and especially in the last session, God was speaking to me about knowing Him as Father. As a child, I didn’t have a father figure in my life, and had an uncle who abused me.

When James said that it can be difficult for you to come to know God as Father when you have had such an experience, I felt like something heavy landed in my stomach. But then He said: “But He comes to you as a Mother too” and the heavy feeling in my stomach disappeared!

I am learning to walk with Papa and He/she is showing me his deep love through nature, family and friends. When James talked about the nature of God and His deep love for us I felt joy land in my Heart and I started laughing!


– Heidi Hentze

This is what I have been looking for

During Denise’s prayer in session 2 of The Wisdom of Love Conference, I felt a shift within me… a strange sort of ‘moaning’ from my Spirit. I knew that God was doing something.

I had suffered attachment trauma in the past and there was a part of me that felt ‘missing’ or depleted. In the days following the conference I felt like I was in a battle trying to connect with God but one evening I just gave up and cried out to Him…or Her…I very clearly sensed a real image of God as mother… I could ‘see’ a fun, loving, sweet, kind, gentle, attentive mother looking at me and being with me. The interactions I am having with God in this way are still going on and I feel safer and softer and lighter. This is what I have been looking for. Amen.

– Susie Nayar

How much is enough?

As Mark spoke about what happens in us as God loves us, I saw all the ways God’s love has not yet been perfected in my attitude towards my husband and others, because I was seeking my love from others rather than loving them without expectation of return.

Not only that, he stopped teaching rather suddenly, and said God wanted to pause and touch things in our hearts. It was as if every word he spoke, was layer by layer, going deeper and deeper into my heart. Until suddenly he said “Someone is saying, I have given so much, how much is enough? I can’t go on”. What he said was almost word for word, what I had been crying out to God this week.

Mark then said, “The love of God is enough”. I had already been weeping but it was like a dam broke inside. God was there all during those prophetic few minutes he was speaking, but now it was like mother and father, all in one. I have never felt such a deep healing so quickly and unexplainable. All during the moments Mark spoke, God was holding me and speaking words over me that no one else ever has. Then, the love of God being enough just shifted something deep inside, like something was so immensely out of alignment, and it suddenly clicked into place. It no longer feels impossible to keep going, no matter how long the full process of restoration in our marriage takes. No matter how long we wait for the children God has promised and reminded us of. I feel the love of God as a mother, like a mother bear who protects her young. She is a mighty warrior, and her strength is far more than I could ever need to protect and sustain me.

Now I finally understand when Denise said, “If only God were a mother, then I could trust him”. I didn’t know how mothers should love, nor did I know how to really love that way. I am looking forward to the more that comes as I relisten.

Thank you all, I am so grateful for your sharing of wisdom and love. It has changed me deeply.

– Heather Pearson

I am still loved

In the last session of the conference James taught on how to handle continuous personal sin. This has been my biggest issue since I became a Christian. I have felt that whenever I sin I am somehow out of the Kingdom again. What will happen to me? For the first time in my life I felt that my Father knows my weakness and I am still His beloved son if I sin sometimes. It gave me so much freedom and peace in my heart. I loved it!!!

– Juha Ranta-Ojala

Wanted and welcome

Hi Mark, James and Denise

The A and B Schools in Norway 2012 with James and Denise started a huge process in my life, which has continued since then.

And now in this conference the Spirit opened up my heart to my deepest wound. God’s motherlove and fatherlove ministered into me – I feel wanted and welcome. Last night I could look into the mirror, smile with sparkling eyes and say: “So, Father, you wanted a Lena!”

When I listened to Mark’ teaching I was surprised that he started to pray for me (us) at just the right moment. I have cried during all the sessions, I have never cried so much in my life. This wound has been hidden and I have been easily struck by the spirit of rejection. Now I am going to be in this love again and again until the pool of tears comes to an end.

With love and blessings from Lena Tamario, Sweden

– Lena Tamario

Life saving!!

Dear Mark, Denise and James,

Thank you all SO MUCH for this conference, it was mind-blowing! Things were put into perspective and clarified.
Especially important to me was the truth about Christianity and religion. Good to know the crucial and total difference, like night and day!

One thing James said about “helping people” was kind of a relief. He said: “This is not my problem, I can’t fix it. I need God’s heart for this person. Then HE can help through me. Fantastic!

With regard to Denise talking about the mother heart of God. I don’t think that is controversial at all, it’s beautiful!
A film that in my opinion shows this in a wonderful way is “The Shack” by Paul Young.

Denise, to me you represent beauty, depth and wisdom.

Mark, you look like a happy little child sometimes, big eyes, smiling.

James, it was heartwarming to see how much these recent revelations have impacted you! That fills me with hope and anticipation!

In closing, I think what you are doing online these days are “life saving”. Thank you all again! Happy Easter.


– Ellen Vincent

Tonight I can sleep

Thank you for this invitation. It’s a blessing just to be asked. It’s not that I learned new stuff, or felt God dramatically impacting my heart to bring me new revelation during the conference. But the softness, gentleness, affirming nature of the process reminded me of where I had been before my troubles, and brought me back to it. Like coming home again to a meal prepared with love for me, a warm fire and the comfort of my own bed after finding myself still alive after a tsunami. I don’t know if the storms will rage again tomorrow, but tonight I can sleep.

Thank you. I love you all.

– Georgina Wild

It is never too late to receive healing

The message of Fatherheart, and in particular, the message of the mother love of God has been instrumental in transforming my life. There occurred two traumas early in my life which crippled my ability to relate. Encountering Fatherheart during an A School began the healing process and I found the recent Conference particularly helpful. I am in my late 70’s now. It is never too late to receive healing.

– Jane Clark

An Joy Unspeakable

This message isn’t new to me having been introduced to the Fatherheart message when I met Jack Winter (and James) at a conference in North Bay back in the late 90’s. However the message is now just as impactful for me today, or perhaps even more so, as it was then. Listening to the first two sessions with James and Denise began to really pull at my heart, and by the time Mark did his ‘whiteboard’ session, I began to well-up and just couldn’t stop weeping. This conference was for me a real ‘Homecoming’ the message is timeless – a joy unspeakable.

– Ron Dyck

Grateful for revelation

Dear sisters and brothers,

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in creating The Wisdom of Love Conference. This was useful and welcome knowledge.

The fact that James, Denise and Mark share so openly and humbly of their private experiences with us, makes it so much easier to relate to everything that is communicated. Thank you for sharing the Lord’s revelations in an easy and understandable way. Thank you Denise for sharing God’s Mother Heart. I would very much like to hear more about how our revelation of Father’s mother’s heart can affect our everyday life in our walk with our Father.

Thank you very, very much. I look forward to hearing more from you all.
God bless you.

A big hug and love from Norway.

– Margrethe Haugum

Immersed in His Love

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the love, wisdom, knowledge, revelations and the confirmation of the ways of our Heavenly Father and Mother to us through you James, Denise and Mark.
It refreshes my heart and is presented with such clarity and simplicity. Some revelations are still being assimilated for me.

Thank you for being immersed in his love, truth, joy and rest.

Thank you for sharing.

– Annick Bosher

I ran into the beauty

I was so impacted by the conference. The revelation that was shared between Mark, James and Denise was once again beyond words. So many different ways my heart started to understand something I had not seen before.

Not only was there revelation but it was like the anointing opened my heart to so much more. My heart was like a little island and now it’s the size of a continent. It’s so hard to articulate. It’s like you prayed Paul’s prayer in Ephesians when he says “I pray for your love to grow and increase beyond measure bringing you into rich revelation and insight” and it worked!!

I felt like I wasn’t just looking out the window at the beauty but I jumped out of the window and ran into the beauty.

Love to you guys.

– Shannon


Thank you for a most marvellous conference! The mothering love of God was the missing piece for me having struggled a long time with the notion that God demands reverence for the fallen masculinity I have seen around me. Mark’s practical sharing of what happens in you when God’s love reaches you was remarkable as was the thoughts and deeply personal sharing of being found by God and immersed in him.

Being a woman hearing another woman (Denise) talk about the similar struggles I’ ve been through, with God and with masculinity, has been life changing to me!

So much hope to so many! Warm thanks and many blessings!

– Wadenström Bodil

It becomes life

When I hear people in Fatherheart speak, it is often a confirmation of what I already ‘know’ in the spirit, but it becomes life, it gets feet. Often new revelations are a clarification of things I’ve heard but have not been able to put into words – what I have yearned for becomes clear.

When I re-listen to recordings, I am amazed at what I have missed while listening because my mind was wandering. But many times I feel that my heart changed and I am understanding more because the heart receives on a different level. It’s a supernatural process. I don’t sit and think about it, I let the Father reveal it to me as it comes. I’ve realised we can only receive what our heart is ready for. By staying hungry, it satisfies me, step by stepI am getting a heart expansion in Love. Every time I think I have reached a peak, there is another being reached. Endless Love increases understanding without memorizing, It is a flow chart for life.

– Matt Schulz 

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